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The increasing computing power and ongoing miniaturisation of electronics have an incredible impact on every aspect of our lives. This continuous progress influences all fields of human activity, especially those that can lead to creating, reproducing and shaping the real world. In this context, one must consider architecture, urban planning and design. The increasing computing power creates great possibilities, of which 3D visualisations are the very last stage. At least for now as thanks to digital technology, the future seems to hold tremendous possibilities for the fields in question.

3D visualisations in the form of static images or 3D animations include buildings, interiors and individual products. The products can be set directly within a visualised space. They may also constitute the only element of an image. In our company, we work with all of the above-mentioned visualisation types. We also offer three-dimensional floor plans that enjoy great popularity among individual investors. Of course, three-dimensional plans cannot reproduce interiors in as much detail as in the case of even the simplest visualisations. However, they offer a general overview of a flat, interior or any other space within a visualised building.

The clients that buy our 3D visualisations are mostly based in Kraków and Warszawa, although we also work with investors and companies from around Poland, Norway and England. For obvious reasons, the place of residence or business is not essential. We work with everyone who is interested in our offer. The prices of our 3D visualisations differ depending on a number of factors such as project complexity, number of shots, environment reconstruction, visualisation quality, etc. All of the factors that may influence the final price are listed in the contracts signed with our clients.

You can obtain more information by contacting us directly or through catalogues presenting our work.