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In 1995, a little known American animation studio by the name of Pixar shared its first great piece of work with the world. It was entitled Toy Story – the first feature film to be created using only 3D computer animation. Certainly, computer effects had been used in films before. One should mention Tron, Star Wars or Jurassic Park. However, Toy Story was a truly ground-breaking film. Only few people could foresee its cultural impact back then.

The widespread use of 3D animation for purposes other than entertainment was only a matter of time. Of course, the industry and military started to work with very crude virtual technologies already back in the sixties. But the real boom came in the nineties. It was at that time that 3D animation started to be used on a mass scale for purposes other than entertainment or industry. And what fields can better employ the potential of a three-dimensional representation of reality than urban planning, architecture and industrial design?

Nowadays, 3D animation is considered a true milestone in the development of the above fields. It allowed us to visualise every, even the most incredible idea, and then share it with the world, i.e. the potential investors. In this context, it can be architectural animation of a building, an interior or products such as vehicles, garage doors or automatic blinds.

Visualform Kraków provides all of the above-mentioned types of 3D animation. As soon as we receive a finished project, we reproduce it on a computer with the precision and form of your choice. We create our 3D animations taking into account not only the colours, products or objects included directly within a given project. We also consider changing weather conditions, dynamic lighting or chiaroscuro, and the real scale of the reproduced space and objects contained within that space.

We invite you to have a closer look at our 3D animations. They can be found in the respective tabs.