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About us

Welcome to Visualform.

We are a 3D visualisation company with eight years of experience in the market. We mainly operate in Kraków, although our projects are not only used in the Lesser Poland region. Our clients are also based in Warszawa, Silesia, England and Norway. So far, we have completed around 1,000 unique visualisations.

Our 3D visualisations are divided into three main types: architecture, interiors and products. They can have the form of static, photorealistic images of the highest quality or dynamic animations. Our work follows all the guidelines presented by clients, also those pertaining to the quality of visualisation, the amount of detail and additional elements of the environment.

We are quick, efficient and professional. We are available to our clients at every stage of work. We have an internal database encompassing a plethora of images that are used in our 3D visualisations. We value far-reaching cooperation with our clients. For some services we can introduce an unlimited number of updates.

We create 3D visualisations of one-family and multi-family houses, large-size buildings and even entire housing estates, taking area development plans into account as well. Our offer includes visualisations of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and gardens, but also office buildings, shops and stalls. We can add changing weather conditions, dynamic sources of light and many other effects.

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