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If you have already navigated through other tabs on our website, you must have noticed how often we mention our attention to detail as far as visualisation is concerned. These are mostly the details that present all of the elements that can be found in a building or interior reproduction, created by means of a so-called product visualisation.

As one might guess, the notion of product visualisation has a very broad meaning. Under specific subtabs on our website you will find relevant information along with 3D visualisations of individual products. These are pieces of furniture, tiles, floor panels, doors, windows and other interior design elements (lamps, windowsills, etc.). Now, we would like to tell you why we pay so much attention to detail in our projects.

We think that it makes every of our visualisations truly unique. We do believe that our clients have the right to see the difference between flooring made of light oak and light bamboo and why matt varnish is sometimes better than the glossy one. Granite and marble (used as a sill material) are two separate types of stones. And you can tell the difference by looking at our visualisations. A living-room sofa is not only a sitting place. It is also a piece of furniture that helps to build a particular ambiance and style – and we take it into consideration as well.

In our opinion, a proper product visualisation is the key element to every single of our projects. Should you decide to work with us, you will learn the true meaning behind those words.