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Shop visualisations are very interesting projects as they have a great impact on the final form of a commercial space. Clients requesting shop visualisations do not always know how much influence the width of aisles, the arrangement of stalls, the use of shopping space or the location of cash registers has on the success of their investment. Once they see their vision presented in the form of a digital image and compare it with the anticipated amount of traffic in their shop or client profile, they can realistically evaluate their idea.

Thinking that a shop visualisation is only reserved for inexperienced investors is a preconceived notion. Major brands often do have their own proven standards regarding shopping spaces but we have to realise that all interiors are unique. They may differ in lighting, shape, metric area or the size of the glass display. Shop visualisations allow us to take into account all aspects of a particular commercial space and optimise its use.

Our project include not only the location of booths or aisles but also the materials used as shop furnishings (floors, displays, shelves, fitting rooms, etc.), the arrangement and intensity of lighting, and even the type of products sold. Moreover, as with all other visualisations, at a special request we can populate the shop with a chosen number of virtual clients so that you can observe the dynamics and flow within the circulation space.
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